Crochet Club / Hand Embroidery

On alternate Monday Afternoons ( 13:15 – 16:15 ) we offer hand embroidery or Crochet Club sessions. Bring your own crochet project or hand embroidery project (kits also available for hand embroidery) and we’ll help you to work through your project. On 19 February 2018 we are also starting a beginners crochet class, please book at the shop.

Tuesdays are Open Days

Book a session on a Tuesday for 3 hours ( 9:15 – 12:15 ) and we’ll assist you with whatever project you are working on. Bring your own project, tools, machines and fabric for these sessions.

Private Sessions

Private Sessions (one-on-one) are available throughout the week. These are similar to Open Days, but there’s no one else but you attending at a time. This is perfect for learning how to sew, tackling complex techniques or getting through your projects as fast as possible. These have to be booked in advance to reserve the time-slot. Certain weekday afternoons and Saturday mornings are also available for Private Sessions, booked per hour.

Thursday and Friday Mornings Preset Workshops

Thursday and Friday mornings ( 9:15 – 12:15 ) are set aside for Preset Workshops. These are project based workshops (as advertised in our newsletter) or we have External lecturers coming in (charging their own fees) to share their knowledge with our customers.


Stitchwitch Courses

Sewing clothing the professional way!  These classes are divided into three modules, each focusing on a range of techniques:

Ready Steady Sew!

Learning to sew has never been easier, our Ready Steady Sew course is the starting point for all beginner sewers.

Our logical approach will instill a great love for sewing whilst learning many useful, fast and accurate sewing skills.

Course structure: Four interactive sewing classes that are three hours each, presented once a week.

Course content:

  • Setting up for sewing
  • Tools of the trade
  • Pattern markings
  • Creating a bag pattern
  • Getting to know your machine
  • Sewing straight lines and curves
  • Constructing a bag
  • Measuring and reading a sewing pattern
  • Tracing a pattern
  • Cutting out
  • Constructing a t-shirt
  • Classes are packed with tips and techniques

Module One

Covers techniques for stretch fabrics and the following garments are made:

  • Top with ribtim or selftrim, focusing on knit techniques and necklines.
  • Skirts which cover darts, waistbands and hems.
  • Tracksuits covering further neckline techniques and the precise measuring of slacks.
  • V-Necks and cardigans covering trims and cuffs.
  • Lingerie which encompasses elasticizing and lace trims.


Module Two

Progresses to more advanced techniques for sewing on woven fabrics. Again the lessons progress in difficulty and are completely technique orientated.

  • The first lesson starts at necklines and covers facings.
  • Jackets with add on collars, pockets and buttonholes are presented.
  • Skirts & Jacket with easy collar, skirt pocket and waistband.
  • Men’s golf shirt with tab opening.
  • Ladies blouse covering the collar & stand technique as well as cuffs and two in one waistband on a pair of culottes.


Evening Sessions

Group bookings for evening sessions are welcome for Wednesday Evenings.

Special Events

Stitchwitch, Software and machine accessory training are also available at various times during the year. Please contact us for more info on our current workshops OR click here to view our facebook page.

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