We send away for service to various trained technicians, based on your machine brand, model and its age. While we service virtually any brand of machine, we do not service the newer computerised models from the competing brands (non-Singer, -Babylock or -Husqvarna VIKING machines). Feel free to contact the shop if you’d like to check the price or serviceability of your machines with us.

For servicing, please pack the following with your machine:

  • Power Cable & Foot Control in a bag if it doesn’t fit within the Hard Cover.
    The proper Bobbin and Bobbin case
    The normal / Zigzag / utility sewing foot
  • A buttonhole foot (for testing stitch balance and the button hole sequence)
  • The Embroidery unit for embroidery machines along with a hoop for testing

All other loose accessories should be kept by the owner. Please ensure that your machine and/or embroidery unit is packed safely for travel.

Please note that machines brought for service are only accepted on Wednesdays during the business day, or on Thursday mornings up till 10am, unless you’ve booked a service because you live very far away or are unable to drop off service machines during the week because of work hours.

The service period is 7-14 days, depending on the service volume the relevant technician is experiencing at that time. Feel free to contact the shop for any service queries.

Old Singer Sewing Machine